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College Football Trivia

Archie Griffin, Ernie Davis

1. Who was the first Associated Press national champion in 1936?

2. Which of the service academies have won the national championship?

3. Who was the first BCS Champion?

4. Who is known as the “Father of American Football” ?

5. From what yard-line are two point conversions attempted?

6. What was the first bowl game and in what year was it held?

7. What was notable about Yale’s undefeated season in 1888?

8. Who has the most undefeated seasons?

9. Match the school to the mascot:

a) Air Force 1) Owls

b) Ball State 2) Huskies

c) Kansas University 3) Commodores

d) Florida International 4) Golden Eagles

e) Michigan State 5) Jayhawks

f) University of Washington 6) Spartans

g) Purdue 7) Cardinals

h) Southern Miss 8) Golden Panthers

i) Temple 9) Falcons

j) Vanderbilt 10) Boilermakers

10. When was instant replay first introduced to college football?

11. What rivalry, played in the last week of the season, began in 1890?

12. When is the Nebraska-Colorado game played?

13. What did the Rose Bowl do in 2002?

14. Due to security concerns where was the Rose Bowl temporarily moved to in 1942?

15. What game was the predecessor to the Orange Bowl?

16. What famous collegiate broadcaster is known for the phrase “Whoa Nellie”?

17. What is Gerard Phelan best known for in his football career?

18. Where is the College Football Hall of Fame?

19. Who has the most players in the Hall of Fame?

20. What do these states have in common? Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida

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21. President Roosevelt threatened to do what in 1906?

22. Who was the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy?

23. Who is the model for the Heisman Trophy?

24. How many Heisman winners have entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

25. Match the player to the team:

a) Mike Rozier 1) Navy

b) Warren Moon 2) Florida

c) Warren Sapp 3) Notre Dame

d) Roger Staubach 4) Yankton College

e) Earl Campbell 5) Notre Dame

f) Steve Spurrier 6) Tennessee

g) Paul Hornung 7) Miami, FL

h) Peyton Manning 8) Texas

i) Lyle Alzado 9) Nebraska

j) Joe Montana 10) Washington

26. What positions are eligible to receive the Lombardi Award?

27. John Outland, whom the Outland Trophy for best interior lineman is name after, played at what schools?

28. What do Archie Griffin and O.J. Simpson have in common?

1. Minnesota

2. Army

3. Tennessee

4. Walter Camp

5. The 3 yard line

6. Rose Bowl, 1902

7. No one scored on them

8. Yale

9. a-9, b-7, c-5, d-8, e-6, f-2, g-10, h-4, i-1, j-3

10. 1963

11. Army-Navy

12. On the day after Thanksgiving

13. Accepted sponsorship

14. Duke University

15. The Palm Festival Game

16. Keith Jackson

17. Catching the “Hail Flutie” pass

18. South Bend, Indiana

19. Notre Dame

20. All host bowl games

21. Ban college football due to its increasing violence

22. Ernie Davis

23. Ed Smith

24. 8

25. a-9, b-10, c-7, d-1, e-8, f-2, g-3 or 5, h-6, i-4, j-3 or 5

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26. Defensive Lineman or Linebacker

27. University of Kansas and University of Pennsylvania

28. They both won the Walter Camp Award twice.