The concept of the Chinese Fertility Calendar is simple: the gender of your child can be predicted the lunar age of the mother and the month the child was conceived. The calendar goes under several different names such as the Chinese sex calendar, the Chinese sex and gender calendar, or the Chinese sex and gender baby and pregnancy calendar.

The Chinese fertility calendar is said to be based off of ancient data that was found in a Royal Tomb 700 years ago. This data is said to accurately predict the sex of the baby 99.9% of the time based off of the age of the mother and the month of the babies conception. The data which the calendar is based is still a mystery to most. The original copy is kept locked up at the Institute of Science in Peking.

The Internet offers a number of different Chinese fertility calendars. Some are based on the Gregorian calendar and others use the Chinese Lunar calendar. When using a Chinese fertility calendar off the Internet it is important to make sure it utilized the lunar calendar. A lunar calendar is a calendar based on the varying phases of the moon. Using just the Gregorian calendar will give you a fifty-fifty chance of correctly guess the sex of the child.

Why use the Chinese fertility calendar when ultrasounds can accurately predict your child’s sex? Sometimes the baby does not cooperate during a routine ultrasound and the sex can not be determined. You are also able to predict the sex of your child months before an accurate ultrasound can be taken. In cases where one parent wants to know the sex of their child and the other parent wishes for a surprise the gender calendar can one parents secret little way of finding out if it really will be a boy or a girl.

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The calendar can be used to attempt to choose the sex of your future child. A couple can try to conceive only on the months that would yield a boy or a girl based on the gender of the child they are trying for. For example if you wished to have a girl a 34-year-old women would try to conceive in January, March, June, November or December. This is, of course, not guaranteed to yield accurate results.

With all of the different variables the Chinese fertility calendar should only be used for entertainment purposes. On average the varying calendars available on several internet sites yield about a 66% accuracy rate. This is good for entertainment purposes, but purchasing a whole new wardrobe for your newborn based on an internet calendar is not advised.