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Champagne Alternatives and Other Non Alcoholic Options for New Year’s Eve

Bellini, Champagne, Grape Juice

As the New Year approaches thoughts turn towards resolutions, parties, noisemakers, fireworks, and champagne toasts. If you are searching for non alcoholic options for New Year’s Eve you have come to the right place. Gone are the days when the only options for champagne alternatives were the sparkling ciders and grape juices. Although a nice option, they tend to seem a bit tired, and slightly childish.

With a few ingredients and a little time, you can make your own non alcoholic champagne. By making your own champagne alternatives you will be adding your own special signature touches that make for a memorable gathering. Each of these recipes use ingredients that you can easily purchase at your local market, and take just minutes to prepare.

Non-Alcoholic Mock Champagne

This is a nice fruity drink that continually bubbles like champagne.


2 C. Water
2 C. Sugar
2 C. Grape Juice
1 C. Orange Juice
2 quarts Ginger Ale

In large punch bowl stir water and sugar until dissolved. Add the juices stirring well. Chill mixture until ready to serve. Just prior to serving add chilled Ginger Ale. Makes approximately 25 servings.

Non Alcoholic Champagne

This super easy concoction satisfies the need for a bit of the bubbly at your New Year’s event.

1 2-liter bottle Ginger Ale
1 48-ounce bottle or 46-ounce can of White grape juice

Mix ginger ale and grape juice together and serve well chilled. Makes approximately 20 servings.

Baby Bellini (non alcoholic version)

This is a non alcoholic version of a classic champagne cocktail from the 1930’s called the Bellini and a very classy alternative indeed.

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2 oz peach nectar
Well chilled sparkling cider

Pour the peach nectar into a champagne flute, slowly add sparkling cider. Makes 1 serving.

Non Alcoholic Champagne Punch

Another variation that actually bubbles and tastes like champagne.


2 bottles white grape juice
1 bottle club soda
56 ounces (2 bottles) 7-up

Mix ingredients together and serve well chilled. Makes 10 servings.

Perhaps you don’t have the time or the inclination to make your own version of non alcoholic champagne. Do not resign yourself to serving the sparkling grape juice just yet. There are some very nice Champagnes on the market that have had the alcohol removed. They can be found in your local liquor store or online wine distributor such as FineWinehouse.com.

For a more adult beverage without the alcohol you may be interested in one of these selections:

Inglenook St. Regis Brut Champagne NV

This Brut Champagne is crafted with traditional wine making skills, and then the alcohol is removed. This leaves only the smooth, crisp taste Champagne lovers enjoy. This selection tends to be a tad drier and less fruity.

Sutter Home Fre Brut

This is a crisp, fruity, dry champagne that has a steady stream of ascending bubbles. It has a hint of an apple scent that adds to the lighter taste of this selection.

Ariel Brut Cuvee

This sparkling wine has very subtle oaky flavor, and is another dry version that lends itself quite well to the festiveness of your New Year’s get-togethers.

From Inglenook St. Regis Brut Champagne NV to Baby Bellini, you are sure to find wonderful non alcoholic options for New Year’s Eve. So ring in the New Year with style and stay safe.

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