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CD Players for Kids

Dora the Explorer, FM Radio

Children love to listen to music as they play, clean up their toys, or just relax. They love to sing-a-long or dance to their favorite songs. You may be busy or are trying to watch television or listen to your own music when your child wants to listen to their own music. It may be a good idea to let your child have their own CD player. Of course, you may not want to get them a regular one. It might be too big, too expensive, or just hard for your little one to use.

However, you can find CD players that are designed just for kids. They are easy to use and do not overwhelm children with too many buttons or features. The buttons are usually a good size for children to see and press. These CD players are usually a good size as well. They are not too big or heavy, and even come with a carry handle if your child needs to move their player (with your permission of course). CD players for kids usually come in various colors and styles, or with different characters on them, to appeal to young children.

If you are interested in getting your little one their own CD player, then here are a few CD players for kids to choose from.

Hello Kitty AM/FM CD Boombox.
This CD boombox is pink and features the character Hello Kitty. It has big pink buttons that are easy to push and a screen that is big enough for children see. Other features include an AM/FM radio, a radio antenna to help get channels for the AM/FM radio, big pink speakers, and pink carrying handle.

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Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer CD Player with Canteen Case.
If you want to get your child their own CD player walkman, then this may be a nice choice. This CD player sits inside of purple a canteen case with a striped shoulder strap to help your child carry the CD player. The Canteen case features the character Dora The Explorer. The twist cap acts a control knob. This Dora the Explorer CD player also comes with a pair of purple and green headphones.

Barbie Bloombox Portable CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio.
This pink CD boombox features the logo of the popular character Barbie. The buttons include a skip track and repeat for one or all tracks. Your child can press the “Fun” gemstone button, which will turn on a Barbie Silhouette that changes colors. The screen has a three digit LED number display; the numbers on the screen glow in red, making them easy for your child to see. Other features include a CD-R/RW player that has a programmable memory, flower shaped speakers, an AM/FM radio, and a radio antenna to help get channels for the AM/FM radio.

CD players for kids will allow your children to listen to their favorite songs, and you can still use your CD player to listen to yours! These CD players can be found online or in store and are designed specifically for young children, making them safe and easy to use.