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Bridesmaid Chalkboard Keepsake Gift Box

Bridesmaid Gifts, Bridesmaids Gifts, Chalkboard Paint, Rubber Stamps

Small wooden boxes with hinged lids
Chalkboard paint (and brush), contact paper, or cloth (and white glue)
Embellishments, such as paint, rhinestones, and/or rubber stamps (all optional)

Many a bride has chosen certain chalkboard accents to have at her wedding. It could be chalkboard table markers, chalkboard menus, or chalkboard parking space signs. Chalkboard wedding accents are fun elements at most any wedding, from simplistic to elegant. With choices like chalkboard paint, contact paper, or fabric, a bride-to-be can easily make the wedding accents herself. Are you thinking of adding some chalkboard elements to your own wedding? That’s great but you could even take it further than that. When you give your bridesmaids gifts to thank them for helping you with the wedding the gifts can be chalkboards, too. Keepsake gift boxes are personalized, adorable, and easy for you to make at this busy time in your life.

Whether you give the bridesmaids jewelry, gift cards, or other small gifts, you can give them in chalkboard keepsake boxes. The wooden boxes can hold any number of gifts that you choose. You can find a small box for each bridesmaid at a craft store. There, they feature a selection of small wooden boxes, with hinged lids, and you can choose the size that best fits the gifts that you have chosen. The perfect boxes are ones with flat tops, with no raised or sunken designs.

A wooden box that you buy at a craft store is usually made of unfinished wood. You can leave it like that, paint it, or stain and varnish it. It can be detailed further by using rubber stamps, or stencils and paint markers. You can even glue rhinestones on the box to craft a more elegant design.

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After the box is designed to your liking, you can turn the lid into a chalkboard, and then personalize it. Use chalkboard paint, contact paper, or cloth, to cover the lid. Contact paper is an especially cheap and quick way to do so. However, chalkboard paint offers many more colors than the paper or cloth.

With the chalkboard top on each box, write a bridesmaid’s name, draw an image, or otherwise personalize the box. Place the chosen gift inside each box and you’re ready to thank your bridesmaids. They’ll all be thrilled to see the adorable chalkboard boxes; they’re so cute, in fact, that the bridesmaids will probably think that the boxes are the gifts.