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Book Review: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

I was in the San Francisco airport bookstore buying a bottle of water when the book, Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude caught my eye. I had not previously heard of the book’s author, Jeffrey Gitomer, who is a noted motivational speaker. Normally not a sucker for business related books (usually I thoroughly research a business book before I buy), for some reason, I was drawn to this little tome, enough so that I purchased it for reading on my return trip to Detroit.

The first thing you notice about this book is its size. Smaller than the usual hardcover, but larger than a paperback, this book is indeed a hardcover edition, bound in brilliantly gold cloth. The book is not protected by a paper jacket, and the word YES! is emblazoned on the cover in fire truck red.

The second thing you notice when you open the book is that the pages are of thick glossy stock. Some pages may only have one or two sentences per page. (For example: page 64 “Quality performance starts with a positive attitude! -Jeffrey Gitomer.”) The fonts are varying, as are the font sizes. Key points are printed in large red type as to grab the reader’s attention. Colorful, humorous cartoons by Randy Glasbergen are included.

The book is divided into 5.5 elements to finding, building and keeping a YES! Attitude. Gitomer explains in the beginning that a YES! Attitude is vastly different from just being positive. Instead, it’s a constant daily lifestyle choice. Gitomer explains that people are never taught how to have a successful positive attitude. I had never thought about it in those terms, but he is right.

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The first element is titled “Insight to Your Inside Attitude” and is filled with many self-tests and scorecards designed to rate the reader’s attitude. The quizzes are short and fun, and scoring is easy. At the end of the chapter are tips on bridging the positive and negative.

The second element explored is called “Attitude Self Awareness.” This chapter of the book outlines some of the books Gitomer recommends studying, including How to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Gitomer advocates reading from a positive book at least fifteen minutes a day. He also advises never watching the news, especially local news, since there is nothing positive in the news. This chapter also contains 20.5 attitude gems, intended to keep the positive flowing, and 3.5 attitude awareness elements that lead the reader to action.

“Attitude Actions” details 15.5 concrete ways of positively changing attitude, some of which include studying the thoughts of writings of positive people, avoiding confrontational and negative words, and celebrating victory and defeat. This chapter also includes ways of being more positive with children, spouse, home and work, as well as has a list of “attitude busters” and how to bust them. Space is available at the end of the chapter for writing down your own beliefs.

The fourth element is “Attitude Attributes,” and in this chapter, Gitomer has the reader think about his own attitude attributes, again with a short quiz. Gitomer delves into life philosophies and development, and use of laughter and humor to bring out the positive. There is more positive reinforcement of key points from previous chapters.

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“Attitude Achievement” is the fifth element, and it starts out by listing what the reader can do to achieve a positive attitude, including smiling all the time, starting everything in the positive, turning off the TV and ignoring idiots and zealots. Gitomer states that there will be a turning point where nothing will get in the way of a positive attitude. According to Gitomer, everyone will have their AHA! moment, where the light will go on and it will all make sense. There is also a page on attitude maintenance – you don’t want to lose your Yes! Attitude once you’ve gotten it.

The final .5 element, “Attitude Fulfillment,” explains the difference between success and fulfillment. This chapter is an affirmation of all previously learned lessons in the book. He outlines the freedom that a positive attitude can bring, and reminds us that we are our own Santa Claus. Treating yourself right is the first step towards treating others with respect, thus receiving Yes! in return. Gitomer uses this final small chapter to tell the reader to spread the word and pass the Yes! Attitude on to others.

I found The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude to be extremely inspirational. Gitomer’s delivery is enthusiastic and I found his positive attitude to be contagious. For a business-related book, this is a fun read, probably because the facts are laid out in short, easy to read bursts. In addition, this book’s application is not strictly limited to the business world. The reader can take many of these points and apply them to other areas of life as well, including relationships with spouse or family members. This book is small enough to fit into a purse or briefcase, and I find myself reading a page or two every day. Because I was so impressed with this book, I plan on reading other books by Gitomer. I’ve also signed up for his weekly e-zine, Sales Caffeine.

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You can find more information on The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude and Jeffrey Gitomer at www.gitomer.com.