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Blue’s Clues: Children’s Televsion Show on Nick Jr

Blues Clues, Nick Jr

Blue’s Clues is an animated show on Nickelodeon, played during the Nick Jr. time slot. Blue is a very intelligent puppy. Depending on whether the show is older or newer, Blue’s owner is Steve, a live action character, or his brother Joe who replaced him after a few years. This show focuses on using fun ways to incorporate educational material, such as colors, shapes, counting, and the alphabet. It also focuses on life skills such as manners and feelings.

Each episode of Blue’s Clue’s begins with a basic theme. It could be show and tell day or singing day. Blue needs to convey a message to her owner, such as which book she wants to read or which song she wants to sing, or which snack she wants to eat. It would be too easy for her to get those things for herself, so she leads the audience on an interactive scavenger hunt where she puts a blue paw print on three different clues. Once all of the clues are found, then they need to be put together to figure out what Blue is trying to say. It sounds more complicated than it really is.

Blue’s Clues does an amazing job at incorporating educational material. It is often done as part of a game or a challenge, which keeps kids interested. The two separate characters, Steve and Joe, both do great jobs at making the show interactive and engaging. They spend most of the show turned facing the camera and speaking directly to the audience. They are often asking questions and asking for help with the educational aspects of the show. The show also engages children with songs that are sung throughout the show. One segment of the show, mail time, brings a letter from real children. These children are often playing or acting out a play or song that meshes in with the theme of the show. It engages the child audience because children are always enthralled by watching other children.

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Blue’s Clues is a great show for children preschool age and lower. The show helps to develop basic educational knowledge. At some points during the show, sign language is even incorporated. It is children’s television at its finest and is a show you can feel guilt free by allowing your child to watch it. It has been proven to be quite beneficial to actually watch the show with your child and interact with Joe and Steve to reinforce what they are trying to teach. Bottom line, watch it with your child, you will both enjoy it.