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BibleGateway.com: Home of the Best Online Bible

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I have written many articles about religious subjects and have often needed a Bible to look up a verse relevant to the topic. I have my own Bibles but sometimes I need a different version that might sound better to the reader. Because of this my online Bible has become my best friend.

An online Bible can help you easily find a certain verse or passage or you can use it to just read a number of Bibles.

Thankfully an online Bible is very easy to find on the internet, there are plenty to choose from.

Possibly the best online Bible is BibleGateway.com. First of all BibleGateway’s online Bible has 50 different versions to choose from. If you want an online Bible that is the New International Version, the King James Version, New American Standard Bible, or the Young’s Literal Translation BibleGateway has all of those. BibleGateway even has a version of the online Bible in Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian and other languages.

There are many ways to find what you’re looking for with the BibleGateway online Bible. If somebody knows the book and verse of a certain verse but doesn’t know the exact words then they can use the quick search to search the online Bible by typing in the book and verse.

Often times when somebody is looking for something they don’t know the exact book and verse. BibleGateway’s online Bible also has a keyword search to make it easier to find a verse about a certain topic. You can search the online Bible by entering one word or multiple words or an exact phrase.

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Another feature in BibleGateway’s online Bible is the Topical Index. In the Topical Index a user can choose a different letter of the alphabet and a list of all the topics starting with that letter will appear. The different topics range from people, places or topics in the Bible. Then you can click on the word and the online Bible will first give results about a part of the Bible that talks about that topic. After that it will also list the remaining verses that mention that topic.

BibleGateway also has an additional resources section in addition to their online Bible. The additional resources include audio Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and other Study Tools. BibleGateway also has a Bible verse of the Day that you can read everyday and even add to your own website.

Finally if you get a lot of use out of the online Bible and need your own Bible there is also a section on BibleGateway to purchase your own Bible.