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Best Physical Exercises that Boost Brain Power

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Experts have long recommended physical exercise for good health, and many also believe that it’s essential for keeping the mind young and healthy. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the entire body, and is important for both your cardiovascular system and your intelligence. Most aerobic activities qualify as brain boosters, but there are a few that have extra benefits. Here are the best physical exercises to boost your brain power:

Exercise that Boosts Brain Power: Step Aerobics
You’re increasing your heart rate and learning new movements at the same time. Practicing different ways of moving is a great way to improve your memory skills, and the more often you do it, the easier it will become to learn even more sequences.

Exercise that Boosts Brain Power: Weightlifting
Training your muscles at different levels of resistance can improve your concentration and focusing skills. This in turn can boost your brain power, and help you become more skilled with concentrating for other tasks.

Exercise that Boosts Brain Power: Yoga
All that deep breathing provides delivers a good dose of oxygen to the brain; Elaine Magee, MPH, RD. explains positive link between yoga, pilates, and boosting brain power in this WebMD interview. The peaceful and quiet exercises can make you more focused, alert, and power up that brain in no time.

Exercise that Boost Brain Power: Circuit Training
Circuit training is an intensive workout that alternates resistance training with high-energy cardio routines. All of those sequences put your brain into super-active mode, and the challenge is a great way to improve memory and coordination skills. Different levels of circuit training also have cardiovascular benefits beyond standard aerobics.

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Exercise that Boost Brain Power: Walking
Simply walking can help clear your head and encourage creative thinking. Even a quick power-walk on the treadmill can help you focus and make it easier to concentrate. Steve Gillman, the author of a popular Mind Power course suggests the rhythmic nature of walking has a positive effect on brain power.

Learning new physical exercises encourages new thought patterns and helps to build up your memory skills. Variety is important, specially since the body can adapt to just one routine within a few weeks. Good coordination skills are essential for healthy aging, and increased aerobic activity can provide the physical and mental stimulation you need for long-term health. Enjoy any of these physical exercises on a regular basis and keep your brain, and body, in great shape.