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“Barefoot Wines Are Unique”- Wine Review- California Wines,

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They are having fun at the Barefoot Wine and Bubbly Winery! I asked Jennifer Wall, the Winemaker, “Are you really barefoot when you walk around the winery or when you prepare the wine?”

Jen answered, “Of course not! The word Barefoot signifies kicking back and having a good time being barefoot and free to enjoy life. It has nothing to do with the actual winemaking process.”

This brand is quite original with nothing like it around the world.

The Barefoot Bynum Burgundy Winery began in 1965, in Davis Bynum’s garage. Davis named the brand Barefoot in honor of the way grapes were originally stomped.

When most people were tinkering with their cars in their garages, Davis was tinkling with wine then created the famous Davis Star Russian River Winery.

In the early 80’s, the brand was sold to Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey.

The Barefoot Winery re-launched the brand by adding lifestyle elements, when you are on the beach having a good time have a glass of wine.” Jenna explained, “Associating the Barefoot brand of wine with fun activities, we have our puns and say a lot of things that are funny.

The label is a barefoot so we say “Heart and Sole” or something else terrific using a foot or toe pun.

Michael used to say, we put the foot on the label because it is the farthest part of the body away from the nose meaning the people who are very stuck up about wines.

We make light of everything letting every one know our wines are approachable and friendly. People don’t have to be intimidated to choose to have a great time.”

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How is Barefoot Winery different from all of the other wineries?

Jen felt, “The Barefoot Winery has a distinct wine- style which is varietal correct, food friendly and food forward.

We want the flavors and the aromas of the wines to reflect the flavors and aromas of the grapes that grow in the fields.

We want a Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet or other grape flavors and aromas to reflect in that glass of wine. That is really what is distinct and unique in our winery.

We happen to be the most awarded wine brand in the United States for our wines and sparkling wines.

From our driest still wine all the way up to our fruitiest, sparkling blush, the new pink Moscado Barefoot Bubbly, people love them!

We have lots of different options. No matter whether you are new to wine, if you love wine, if you are a connoisseur, we have something that will suit you.

Watch for the Barefoot Wines & Bubbly charity tasting events on their website. They have helped to raise over $30 million dollars.

For information, call 800-750-8828. www.barefootwine.com