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Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby Shower Favors, Shower Favors

Throwing a baby shower can be really fun, but it can also be a bit stressful. Trying to take care of all the little details beforehand can get overwhelming, and it is sometimes difficult to come up with fun ideas for baby shower favors for your guests.

Ideally you want your baby shower favors to really be something cool that the guests will love and will actually get some use out of. At the same time, you want to avoid anything too expensive so that you don’t break the bank throwing the shower. You can buy baby shower favors pre-made, or if you have some time and want to save some money, you can get creative and make your own favors.

Here are some baby shower favor ideas to get your started:

Tea Cup & Fancy Tea

Check discount shopping stores, online auctions or even dollar stores to find pretty teacups and saucers. Buy some unique or interesting tea or tea bags to go with them. You can wrap the tea in pretty packaging and place it in the cup to make a lovely and elegant baby shower favor. Your guests can have tea at the shower and take their cup with them when they leave.

Miniature Flower Pots

Miniature flower pots can make fun, pretty favors and are great if you are having a garden themed shower. You can find tiny little terra cotta flowerpots at most discount stores. Paint the pots white, pink or blue and decorate them however you wish. You can then get seed packs to go with them for each of your guests, wrap the pot and seeds up in pretty packaging like colored or clear cellophane tied with an organza ribbon.

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Gourmet Candies

Candy is always a big hit at baby showers since just about everyone has a sweet tooth. What turns ordinary candy into a lovely shower gift is often the packaging. You can purchase pretty little tins or boxes to put the candy in, or wrap it in little bags tied with a pretty ribbon.

Wine Bottle Stoppers

You can get beautiful silver wine bottle stoppers quite inexpensively if you shop around for a good deal. To dress up the stoppers, you can glue a fun little decoration like a tiny baby-themed figurine to the top of each stopper using strong epoxy glue.

Personalized Lip Balm

You can order blank jars of lip balm online, and get stickers custom-printed with your baby’s name or picture to put on the lid of each of the lip balms. This is a lovely, personalized gift that your guests can not only take with them, but will get a lot of use out of.


Candles of any size, shape or design make lovely baby shower favors, and they are something that everyone can use. You can often find baby themed candles at craft or specialty stores. Or, you can go with more elegant handmade candles from a local shop or craftsperson. One great thing about candles is that they are beautiful, but they are usually very affordable.

Miniature Vases Filled with Flowers

Your table will be smashing if you go with this idea! Pick up some miniature vases either from a discount shopping center or from a dollar store. Grab a bouquet of fresh flowers and split them into the vases for each guest. These are beautiful, bright and cheerful baby shower favors and your guest will be able to use the vases again.

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Chocolate Suckers

Chocolate suckers are easy to make and can be a great baby shower favor. Check your local craft store for sucker molds, which often come in baby themes. Then, heat chocolate in a double boiler, pour into the mold, inserting sucker sticks, and them let them sit until they are solid. Once they are done you can wrap them in pretty packing and tie them up with a pretty ribbon for fun, tasty baby shower favors.

Buy Pre-Made Favors

There are many adorable and inexpensive pre-made baby shower favors that can save you a lot of time if you decide not to make your own favors. Shop around online (including at online auctions) and see if anything catches your eye.