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Baby Shower Basket Ideas

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Have you been to a lot of baby showers, and getting a little tired of seeing the same old thing? Usually at most baby showers the mother registers at a particular store for what when wants, and that really leaves no surprises for the mother. Especially if she registers for an online baby registry where she can constantly check and see what was purchased for her. Well why not put together you own unique baby shower basket. Of course everyone has heard of the typical Diaper basket, where you put a bunch of diapers in a basket, wrap it and add a bow. But in order to make your diaper basket a little more unique why not throw in a few more additional items, such as pacifiers, bottles and even some baby formula. Make sure that you check with the mom to see if she is going to be breastfeeding or using formula before you purchase the formula for the basket. You should also check and see what particular brand of formula she will be using so that why you buy will not be wasted.

Another suggestion is to try and give your basket some type of themes such as a bath time theme. You could add all of the things that a baby will need for their bath including the shampoo, robe, and toys. You may also want to include a disposable camera. I have found that a lot of parents like to take pictures of their baby’s first bath and of their baby when they graduate from the baby bath to the big tub. This is definitely a gift that they will appreciate. Or how about a scrapbook basket. Making scrapbooks seems to be the latest thing that many parents love to do. So why not put together a basket full of various scrap booking supplies. Look for some cute picture frames that you can throw in there as well. This is definitely a gift that can last, and will be cherished for years. Another basket that I have had some fun making is a giant winter basket. You can include winter gear for the baby, such as hats, gloves, scarf’s, boots, and maybe a cute little sled made just for little kids. You can also make a summer or spring basket.

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When you are making any basket you should make sure that you take into consideration how old the baby will be winter or summer time occurs. This way you will get the right size clothes and toys. If you are thinking about getting something for mom then why not make a spa basket, just for mom. Make sure that you use scents that the mom really likes, and that are relaxing. To make the basket even nicer why not throw in a brand new robe, and some slippers for the mommy to be. You can also make a basket for the daddy to be. Most of the time we tend to overlook the dads when it comes to baby showers, but you should remember that they do a lot of work too. Of course not nearly as much as moms but it is still important to make them feel like they are part of the celebration. When it comes to dad’s basket I like to include things that can be used to help mom, such as a daddy diaper changing belt. This is belt that you can make yourself. All you need is some material and a belt pattern. You can find this at any arts and craft store. Then fill it with all of the necessities a dad would need to change plenty of diapers. You could also throw in a few more items just for dad and maybe a gift certificate to a local restaurant so that they can have some time together even after the baby comes.