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Baby Product Review: Robeez Baby Crib Shoes Care About Your Baby’s Feet

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As a self-proclaimed “cheap” mom, when it comes to my young daughter’s clothes, I am all about shopping at thrift stores and clearance sales. I see little reason to spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothing that will last 6 months, at best. In fact, rarely do I see a reason to pay full price. When it comes to clothes, I cut a lot of corners. That is, unless, we are talking about Robeez baby crib shoes.

The soft-soled, leather, crib shoes are a great first shoe for any baby. Robeez “caring about first steps” shoes are engineered with your baby’s development in mind. Robeez shoes slip on, allowing for ease and convenience. They also stay on, ensuring you don’t lose one while out and about. Robeez shoes are undeniably comfortable. The soft, flexible leather is gentle on your baby’s feet. Robeez shoes are also skid-resistant and incredibly durable. They will last long after your child has outgrown them. Robeez shoes can also be worn inside and out. Overall, Robeez shoes are an incredibly smart design.

On top of their impressive design, Robeez shoes are also pretty cute. Once touted, by myself, as “ugly-cute”, once my daughter finally had them on, I realized how cute they really were. Robeez shoes have tons of designs, from pink shoes with brown cats to blue shoes with grey sharks. Robeez unique and colorful patterns are a compliment to any outfit. Whether you are into fashion or not, there really is nothing cuter than a pair of Robeez on your baby’s feet.

Robeez upkeep is minimal. The shoes are machine-washable. Just make sure to wash them separately in cold water. Partially dry your Robeez in the dryer, on a low setting. Then simply reshape and let air-dry. To minimize wear, you can also hand wash your Robeez with a mild detergent and spot clean with a soft rag, as needed.

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Robeez shoes typically cost about $26. Robeez.com and Amazon.com tend to sell them at that price. Piperlime.com, a somewhat new online shoe store, will sometimes have some styles for under $20. You can also find select Robeez shoes for about $16 during Nordstrom’s half yearly sales. Don’t forget to check Craigslist. Robeez shoes have a long shelf life and you can always find a slightly worn pair at a great price.

If there is one thing to splurge on with your child’s clothing, splurge on the Robeez crib shoes. Both you and your baby will be glad you did.