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Aventurine Healing Gemstone


Aventurine is a pretty variety of quartz that comes in shades of green, blue, peach, red, white and brown. The shiny gemstone also displays aventurescence with sparkles from inclusions of mica or hematite. It is considered a good luck charm and a general healing stone, providing protection from EMF and negativity.

Aventurine’s name comes from the Italian words avventura for opportunity or venture and ventura meaning luck or chance. Jewelry and decorations have been made of aventurine for centuries. The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has an ancient aventurine vase.

Aventurine has been a popular good luck charm for centuries. The stone is known as the gamblers’ stone or lucky stone. Many lucky talismans, bracelets, pendants and charms are made of aventurine. Aventurine is an opportunity stone that is believed to bless ventures with luck. Aventurine is a stone that improves luck in any enterprise. Carry aventurine with you for luck when you are traveling, trying something new, playing a game of chance or going to an appointment.

The lucky gemstone is also a stone for abundance and prosperity. It is believed to attract money and increase revenue when kept in a place of business. It is thought to increase wealth and prosperity in a home. Green aventurine is known as the money stone. It is used in money and luck spells. Aventurine stones are put in pouches to improve luck and attract money.

Aventurine is a positive beneficial stone, harmonizing and bringing a sense of well being. Aventurine deflects negativity and instills harmony. The gemstone protects people from electromagnetic radiation and pollution. Aventurine is used in grids to protect houses and gardens from geopathic stress. It may be put on cell phones for protection from the electromagnetic radiation. Aventurine neutralizes negative environments and makes them more positive.

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Aventurine is considered a multi purpose healer used to treat many conditions. It is used to relieve pain. Aventurine is thought to improve nearsightedness. Aventurine helps the adrenals, connective tissue, heart, lungs, muscles, sinuses, thymus gland and the nervous system. Aventurine helps allergies, the eyes, skin eruptions and migraine headaches. Aventurine stimulates the metabolism and balances blood pressure. This helps to lower cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis and heart problems. Aventurine is helpful for inflammations and skin problems.

Aventurine water can be used to treat skin and hair conditions. It helps to improve acne, allergies, skin irritations, wounds, flaking skin, dandruff and hair loss. Aventurine water is made by keeping a clean stone in water overnight. You can wash skin and hair with aventurine water. You can soak a cloth in it and apply it as a healing compress.

Aventurine is also an intellect stone, improving mental abilities and perception. It stabilizes the mind. Aventurine helps people with studying and examination stress. It stimulates creativity. The stone is good for creativity, decisions, leadership and motivation. It is helpful for creative visualization and creative insight. Aventurine is good for people who do creative work.

Aventurine alleviates anger and irritability. It encourages sympathy. The stone helps people to make decisions. Aventurine helps people to understand their problems. It helps them to be calm and peaceful. It helps to improve psychosomatic problems and mental problems. It brings tranquility and equilibrium.

For healing treatment aventurine may be worn or taped on the part of the body that needs treatment. You may also apply a healing aventurine elixir. Aventurine is also a calming touchstone. It is peaceful and relaxing. It may also attract money and improve luck and prosperity whether it is worn as jewelry, carried in a pouch or kept in a home.

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Elixirs are made by keeping clean gemstones in water in sunlight or moonlight for 12 to 24 hours. Like other gemstones, aventurine requires cleaning. Clean your aventurine stones at least once a month with running water. To recharge them place them in the sun for a few hours.

Aventurine is the birthstone for people born in August and May. It is especially good for the astrological signs Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Sagittarius. Aventurine is given as an anniversary gift for the 8th anniversary. Aventurine is a stone of the air element and is associated with the planet Mercury.