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A Collection of President’s Day Printables

Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Presidents Day

Students learn about our Founding Fathers as they progress through school. Many think it is a boring subject and will gladly pass on any extracurricular projects. I have made a nice list of fun ways for both kids and adults to celebrate our country and its past leaders. This list includes not only coloring pages, but also a few crafts, too. Our country is a wonderful place to live and breathe. Enjoy!

: The first few are from the same site, http://printables.familyeducation.com. In order to view the printables you will need Adobe Acrobat, (click here to download it if you need it), and to put in your email address. They only ask for your email addy… nothing more.

American Flag-Coloring Page
This is a simple, yet very patriotic way to celebrate President’s Day. Click here to view our Nation’s flag. All you need is crayons, markers, pens… or even paints. Whatever your (or your kid’s) favorite coloring medium is.

Patriotic Hat-Craft
This is a very simple craft and requires construction paper, glue and scissors. Click here to see the printable instructions.

Honest Abe and George WashingtonA History Lesson and Coloring Page
Click here for a set of three printable pages for Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. This is a tiny history lesson and a short quiz at the end. It has pictures on the right side to help the kids remember what they read.

An Egg Carton Uncle Sam-Craft
Click hereto print out a fun way to make a Uncle Sam. It requires some paint, construction paper, glue, scissors and an egg carton. I am printing this one to share with my son!

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Patriotic Mobile-Craft
This is a very simple mobile. It is perfect for little ones who want to color and craft at the same time, but do not want a complicated project. Click here for the link to print it out. It requires crayons, yarn and a coat hanger.

Abe Lincoln-Coloring Page
Click here for a very simple portrait to color of Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President.

George Washington-Coloring Page
Click here for a nice picture of George Washington sitting at his desk.

Young George Washington and the Cherry Tree
This is a nice coloring page of young George holding the hatchet that brought down the infamous cherry tree. Click here to see it.

George Washington History Coloring Page
This page is a nice portrait of George Washington and also includes a short history lesson at the bottom. Click here to view it.

President’s Day Stationary
Click here to access three pages of stationary in honor of President’s Day. If your child has a report due, then this is the perfect paper to use!

Presidents Coloring Book
Click here to access 43 pages of Presidents to color. Scroll through them all and find little history lessons at the bottom of each page.