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A Book Review-Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing

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Author Alicia Grant’s latest eBook is very useful and proves to be a great study tool guide for the individual or any study group. Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing consist of over 100 powerful scriptures. These scriptures have been complied for the reader to read and mediate on. Grant prepares the reader for their healing in the opening of the eBook which is found in the dedication and also a personal word from her. She dedicates it to everyone who has been diagnosed with an infirmity and believes God for their healing. I really enjoyed this eBook because it allows you to not only read the word of God, but it allows you to study the scriptures. Another great point about this eBook is that the scriptures are found in one place. She takes the reader from Genesis to Revelation and the verses come from the King James Holy Bible.

I like the idea that the scriptures come straight from the word of God because I know that God honors His word and that really makes the eBook more meaningful to me. The author wants you to lay claim and hold fast to your confession that God is a healer and healing belongs to you. She also goes on to tell the reader to not waiver and cast down doubt and unbelief and commit to the word of God. Grant states with conviction that we need to apply these scriptures to our daily lives and let it become a part of us. I value this eBook because you can apply it to any infirmity.

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I also enjoyed the prayers that are found in the eBook and how the author makes the suggestion for you to pray the prayers out loud. The author reminds you that prayer changes things and you need to know that God is always there ready to perform his WORD!

I would recommend this eBook to anyone who is believing God to heal their body or anyone who is standing in the gap for another.