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9 Tips for Saving Money Next Time You Buy Furniture

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Next to our vehicles, and our homes, furniture is probably one of the biggest expenses we have, and is one set of items most of us would love to get at lower costs. But how do you do that? How do you save money when you’re purchasing furniture?

Here are 9 tips for saving money on your furniture bill:

1. Before you go furniture shopping, decide right away the minimum of what you need to purchase for each room in your home and make a list. Also, add sizes, color and style preferences to the list. If you have a spouse or room mate(s) make sure you make these choices together.

2. Come up with a budget. Decide what you are willing to spend and don’t go over that amount. It may mean making more than one trip to look for sales and such, but in the end it will be worth it as you won’t have spent more than you can afford to.

3. Shop at furniture wholesalers, liquidation and discount stores. Doing this will save you a lot of money. While there are sometimes minor flaws on these pieces, they are often flaws will not even notice.

4. Shop at thrift stores. I have personally gotten some very nice pieces of furniture by shopping at thrift stores. People get rid of high quality furniture all the time. Some storage places will clear out high quality items from their storage areas that have been left behind by people who did not keep up their fees, or others decide they have to have new furniture every couple of years, even though there is hardly any wear and tear on their older furniture. Whatever the reason, you can often find bargains on nearly new furniture at second-hand stores.

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5. Buy your furniture from a furniture warehouse where the sales clerks are paid on commission. Sometimes you can bargain with the clerk and find out that if you purchase more than one piece of furniture you can get a better and bigger discount.

6. Shop for furniture at the end of the month. Many retail companies that sell furniture operate on a month-to-month basis. They make decisions about which furniture lines they are going to keep, and which they are going to close out. Sometimes you can get a really good discount if they only have one of a furniture item, and want to get it out of the store quickly so they can replace it with a newer, higher cost item.

7. Some large furniture warehouses offer you a discount when you apply for their in-house credit card. Take advantage of this if you can, apply for the card, get your discount and then pay off the card right away with the money you were going to use to buy furniture anyway. This way you accrue no interest, and you lose no money.

8. Buy furniture on sale. The biggest times for sales for furniture are January and July, so if you begin shopping around those times, you can get some great bargains.

9. Purchase your deck and outdoor furniture in August. By the time August rolls around, most people are not looking to purchase outdoor furniture because Fall and the colder weather is just around the corner. If you purchase your outdoor furniture at this time when stores are discounting it, you’ll have new furniture for the following Summer when others are shopping for it and paying the higher prices.

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Buying furniture for your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare, or high cost. Taking these tips into account before you go shopping will save you money, and time!