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8 Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions

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I really miss my old kitchen. It was huge, with so many cabinets, all full. My current small galley kitchen, where you can’t open the refrigerator if the dishwasher door is open, drives me insane! There is also limited counter space. Aside from the standard plastic-coated wire stacking shelves, I need more creative ways to store stuff.I’ve been perusing the web looking for storage solutions, and found quite a few that will work for me.

  1. Get Tipsy. Fake drawers over the under-sink cabinet can easily and inexpensively be converted into a tip-out storage drawer, perfect for hiding scrubbers and brushes.
  2. Fill Those Empty Spaces. One of the most under-utilized storage spaces in a home is under your sink. Easy-to-install kits for pull-out garbage cans and shelves take advantage of those spaces. If you’re handy, you can build your own.
  3. Hide It Behind the Doors. While you’re putting those shelves under your sink, why not screw a few narrow racks onto the inside of the cabinet or pantry doors? They are perfect for holding spices and small containers.
  4. Hang ‘Em High. There are all sorts of wonderful, creative ideas for hanging kitchen storage. First to mind is a pot rack, but you can hang just about anything anywhere. I had hanging wire baskets in my kitchen that held everything from food to cleaning supplies. Swing-out arms held wash cloths and dishtowels, and hooks held measuring utensils and potholders near the stove.
  5. Go to the Corner! You’d be surprised how much space there is in the hidden corners in your kitchen cabinets. Thankfully, there are lazy Susans that can be easily installed to take advantage of that space. In fact, lazy Susans are good for all spaces where you need things accessible. Stackable lazy Susans on countertops maximize that space as well. I have one triple-decker for all my vitamins and supplements and one double for frequently-used spices.
  6. Get in Over Your Head. I had head space over my cabinets that I used to stash all sorts of things. You don’t need doors to hide it, just find some decorative containers or baskets to make it pretty and functional. I stored utensils in a collection of bright holders on top of the refrigerator and the microwave stand. It was attractive and utilized the space well. Besides, it reminded me to clean the top of the fridge from time to time.
  7. Slide it Under the Shelf. You’ve probably seen the mesh baskets that clip under shelves to utilize that unused space, but there are even more sophisticated under-shelf drawers for more visible cabinet space that can be used to stash all manner of things beautifully. They are simple to install and extremely space-wise.
  8. Kick It Under the Cabinets. One thing I found that I can’t put in this kitchen, but will be definitely using when I get my own place again is toe-kick drawers. A toe-kick is the platform your kitchen cabinets sit on to keep them off the floor. There are now kits with drawers you can install in that space. They either pull out of have a push-and-release latch, so all you have to do is “kick” it lightly, and it pops out.
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With more people downsizing their living space, kitchens are getting much smaller, and creative storage is much in demand. I hope these have given you some ideas that will work for your home, whether you’re going smaller or just running out of room.

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