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5 Great Places to Get Haircuts for Kids in Indianapolis, Indiana

Children’s haircuts are the stuff that Saturday evening aggravation is made of. Cut your child’s hair at home yourself and you will likely be accused of purposefully ruining their good looks by said youngster. Take your child to the hair salon and not only will you sometimes have to wait for extraordinary long periods of time, but in some cases the stylists are not even sure how to cut a child’s hair other than the generic kids’ cut from yesteryear. What is a parent to do?

Well, if the parent lives in the Circle City known as Indianapolis, she or he will find a plethora of great salons that actually cater to the pint sized clientele! Here is a guide to the top 5 Indianapolis children’s hair stylists.

The first name on everyone’s lips is Cookie Cutters, The location at 5650 West 86th Street #130 in Indianapolis, 46278 is well known to all moms and dads in the know. Parents with large families keep Tuesdays open to make good use of Family Tuesday when the first child’s haircut costs $13.95 and each subsequent child’s cut only runs $10! Call (317) 337-9811 for more information or stop by Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM 8:00 PM, Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or Sunday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This is a salon for kids and must be experienced to be believed! If your child rarely holds still long enough for any stylist to even get half the head covered, or if your child’s piercing screams during haircuts all but have you gotten 86ed from the mall salon, a visit to this location is a definite must.

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If convenience is your name, SmartStyle Family Hair Salon located at 4650 South Emerson Avenue in Indianapolis 46203, is your game. Suitably located inside Wal-Mart, the pricing is extremely reasonable for a kid’s cut. Ranging from $8.95 to $ 9.95 – which includes a shampoo – for the 10 and under set, this salon truly caters to the family on the go. With no appointment needed and a staff that is as well trained in providing junior with a stylish cut that will satisfy even the most recalcitrant preteen, parents love the location and short wait times. Call the salon at (317) 788-8820 to inquire about business hours, since the holiday season is bound to mix things up a bit.

Should your child be in need of a professional stylist’s assistance – perhaps a ballet recital, class photo, pageant, or the first school concert is coming up – there is no better place than DeWight Anderson’s Hair Salon at 136 East Market Street, Suite 921 in Indianapolis 46204. Available Monday through Thursday by appointment only – simply call (317) 636-2383 to set one up – Mr. Anderson is an artist who can work miracles with any kind of hair without charging an arm and a leg. Sure, you could be the stage mom who is attacking the unruly curls with an economy sized bottle of hairspray minutes before the performance, but would it not be nicer to relax in the auditorium while awaiting your golden haired angel’s triumphant entry?

Hand in hand with this concept is Savvy Salon where a child’s cut ranges from $15 to $20. A salon in the true sense of the word, this is a great place to take your fashion uber-conscious teen looking for a celebrity cut or hair treatment. Located at 823 Broad Ripple Avenue in Indianapolis 46220, please be sure to call (317) 253-9455 to make sure there is still an appointment available!

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Next is Trade Secret located at 6020 East 82nd Street in Indianapolis 46250. A chain stylist without the chain feel, children love the colorful décor and upbeat ambiance while parents enjoy not only the plethora of hair care products for sale, but also the reasonable pricing. A regular kids’ cut is $12 and up, and both adore the giveaways! Sure, you need to actually fulfill the terms of the offer, but everyone needs shampoo or conditioner, and once you get what you need that free bottle of spritz or teddy bear is yours! Call (317) 594-9595 for hours.