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5 Examples of Core Values: How They Can Improve Your Life

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A persons core values or personal values are strongly held beliefs about themselves and the world around them. How you perceive yourself will ultimately determine how you relate to others and the rest of your world. Our assumptions, about ourselves form in us the expectations that shape our lives. The value system you hold is all about what we think ought to be true for others and ourselves. We have a notion of how people ought to behave, speak and perform and when this does not hold true we are frustrated and angry. This is especially true with concepts such as honesty, integrity and openness.

Here are five of the most common personal values and a brief example of how our belief about each can help or hinder our personal growth.


The number one core value for most humans is love. How you expect people to behave in love however can cloud the issue and make love a miserable thing. You have all different types of love and the heart has the capacity to love beyond our expectations. Putting restrictions on love can be bad for you and the ones who care about you. love should be freely given and just as freely received. When we allow others to love us we sometimes make it harder by coloring their expressions of love with our own personal concept and core beliefs of how it should be. This causes friction. Expecting others to conform to your beliefs can make love a miserable time for you both. On the other hand if you are loving others and allo0wing them to love you without expecting them to adhere to your belief system it can be a beautiful thing. They will also have the core belief system expectations so it is important to know what your are and to communicate your needs one to the other in order to get them met in a civilized manner.

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Yes, fun is a core belief, some people have a belief system that is all fun and still others are the extreme opposite. It is important to have a balance in your life. Time is short and to live life constantly striving to get ahead and to keep up with the Jones’s will leave very little time for fun. All work an no play, as the saying goes has been the reason for many heart attacks, strokes and ulcers.


Freedom is a value that people feel so strongly about that they are willing to die for it. When freedom is endangered by anything or anyone the first response is one of frustration and anger. Freedom can be had by all even in the confines of interpersonal relationships. Rules believe it or not are a part of freedom. Freedom to be yourself is not hindered by having to responsible to and for the people around you.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to be authentic in today’s “cookie cutter” world. How many times have you heard or even said to someone “Why can’t you be like “, this is not fair to that person. Individuality should be prized above all else. Every where you look you see the sameness of people. This even permeates how you perceive yourself. We all have to dress and think and talk alike to be accepted. In the search for your core values you will also find that authentic person you have left behind. Learning to embrace and celebrate this person will be the challenge of your lifetime.

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A life without growth is stagnate and boring. Your values should inspire you to want to be better today than you were yesterday.

There is a website that has a tool that is free to use that will help you to sort out what your five most important core values are. Once you know them you can begin to rearrange the way you relate to your world.