Coke is a household name, everyone knows what it is and how good it is. Like me, I absolutely LOVE Coke. But it is really not good for you at all. I think most of us already know it’s not the greatest health benefit, and think that it’s not really so bad, but it really … Read more

The Basics of Cell and Molecular Biology

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For some reason students rarely seem to get excited about cell biology, a class that is typically required for anyone entering into the field of health care. In the cell biology course that I teach, to help perk up interest in the cellular world, I start the semester off with a little story about why … Read more



Top 10 Natalie Portman Movies

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Check out the following list of Natalie Portman’s top 10 movies. The list includes rating, release date, opening weekend numbers, production budget and domestic total gross, approval rating and worldwide box office gross. The ranking shows the box office performance of Natalie Portman’s top grossing movies in the U.S. and worldwide. Here is a list … Read more


Crisco Vegetable Shortening

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When I think of Crisco Vegetable Shortening, I think of southern fried chicken and Sundays with my grandmother, but I’ve discovered that this vegetable shortening can be used for more than cooking your Sunday dinner. It’s been around since 1911 when it was first produced by Proctor & Gamble as a 100 % vegetable shortening. … Read more