Lake Ontario is a wonderful place to take a vacation. Especially if you are among the many who really enjoy camping. There are several water front campgrounds which are located directly on Lake Ontario. Below you will find a list of some of the water front campgrounds on Lake Ontario. One thing that you want … Read more

How to Survive Being a Castaway

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Your boat or plane went down and now you find yourself on a small island surrounded by the merciless ocean. You take off into the jungle on what appears to be a path but after an hour, realize you are very lost. You attempt to get back to the beach but have not found it … Read more

Deserted Island

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Women’s Rights: The 19th and 26th Amendments

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The 19th Amendment was created so that women would have the right to vote, sit on a jury, and run for political office. Many women joined antislavery societies. While being part of these societies they learned to organize, hold public meetings and conduct campaigns. By joining these societies it educated them about politics, which helped … Read more