Healing Benefits of Jasmine

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The flower oil of the Orient, jasmine evokes feelings of warmth and of passion. Its romantic scent means that it is prized and valuable. Regarded as the ‘king of flower oils’, jasmine is an effective aphrodisiac, bringing out inner desires and restoring sexual energy and confidence. Used as a massage oil or to fragrance a … Read more

Grape Seed, Jasmine, Prophetic Dreams

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Best Cupcake Birthday Invitations

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Cupcake invitations are popular birthday invitations, especially for girl’s birthday parties. Cupcakes are sweet and little girls are generally thought to be sweet also. If you want to combine the two, you might want to have a birthday party with cupcake invitations. They’ll stand out with your guests and look good in your scrapbook. This … Read more


What is Myasthenia Gravis in Dogs?

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The first time their three-year-old Akita plopped down on the sidewalk during the nightly family walk, Erin and Scott weren’t too concerned. They assumed the pooch had just had a bit too much excitement with the kids that afternoon. However, after the dog did the same thing four nights in a row, they took him … Read more


Samsung Convoy 2 – a Worker’s Cell Phone

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For a rugged, military-style phone the Samsung Convoy 2 is above average in performance and reliability. It’s a light-weight, solid flip phone with a built-in camera and adequate out-of-the-box storage. It is not a smartphone, but the Convoy 2 is capable of text messaging and internet access – albeit significantly slower then any Samsung smartphone. … Read more