Mammal Orders and Their Characteristics

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Mammals make up a diverse group that includes rabbits, humans and whales. Because of this, scientists have classified mammals into 16 different orders with certain characteristics that define each of them. Monotremata Platypuses and Echidnas make up the most primitive mammals on Earth. In fact, these mammals still lay eggs like their reptilian ancestors. But … Read more

Mammals, Marsupials


Parisian Cuisine: Experience French Culture with Great Food

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Did you know that Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world? People come to the City of Lights for its history, art, nightlife, fashion and shopping. And no trip to Paris would be complete without experiencing incredible French cuisine. I am a frequent visitor to Paris, but I’m no expert when it … Read more


Paying for College Without Financial Aid

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I grew up in a family with nine children. Everyone older than me who wanted to went to college with full financial aid. My mother even got a second degree while my two older sisters were getting theirs free of charge. I always assumed I would get the same deal. When it was my turn, … Read more