Design Your Own Grave Marker

Karla News

When we were kids, my sister and I loved exploring a nearby cemetery to read the engravings we found on the fancy granite headstones there. We would call out to each other when we found a particularly interesting one. Some were plain – just the name of the person and the dates of their birth … Read more

Headstones, Push Lawn Mower


Glade Sense & Spray: Product Review

Karla News

There are a few automatic air fresheners on the market that release fragrance either continuously or at timed intervals, but Glade Sense & Spray is different. It comes equipped with a smart motion sensor and only sprays when it senses movement in the room. So if no one is in the room moving around, the … Read more


5 of the Safest Cars for 2011

Karla News

Since 1978, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has provided consumers with automotive safety ratings based on a variety of crash criteria. The Five Star rating system was designed to give consumers informed choices so that market forces would drive vehicle safety improvements, as opposed to forcing safety standards by regulation. Nevertheless, safety standards are … Read more