Legal Rights when Renting an Apartment or House

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The Fair Housing Act prohibits anyone from being denied the right to rent, against discrimination of race or color, national origin, religion, family status or handicap. The Department of Housing, and Urban Development enforces the Fair Housing Act. They want to be informed of any discrimination. Their toll free telephone number: 1-800-669-9777. The Act does … Read more

Eviction Notice, Landlord Tenant Law

Verizon’s Limited Data Plans

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After AT&T; switched to limited data plans for their smartphone users, Verizon began to quickly climb as the number one mobile provider. Now, soon after getting rights to sell the iPhone, Verizon has decided to be greedy and punish new customers with limited data plans. Current users will be able to keep their current $30 … Read more

Alltel, Mobile Broadband


All About the Breed: Rough Collie

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Also known as the Scottish Collie, Long-Haired Collie, and simply as the Collie, the Rough Collie is an intelligent and friendly breed. But how do you know whether you are ready to purchase a pet and if this breed is right for you? This information is absolutely necessary in making the decision to purchase a … Read more


Winter Vacation Destinations in Oregon

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If you live in any of the coastal towns in Oregon you know that popular winter vacation destinations in Oregon are those beach towns where you can watch winter storms dash against the cliffs or whip up huge waves on sandy beaches. The towns of Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, Newport and Seaside on the North … Read more