31 Wedding Guestbook Ideas

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Many couples these days are opting to do something a little more creative for their wedding guestbook. Instead of the traditional lined paper guestbook that people sign there names in, guests are asked to sign there names on something a little more unique. Check out these 37 cool wedding guestbook ideas. I have created a … Read more

Wedding Guestbook


Inexpensive Tropical Vacations

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When you think of a tropical vacation the last thing that you think is inexpensive. That does not have to be the case however. There are plenty of places that offer great prices to travelers all around the Mediterranean and other tropical locations. Here are some great, relatively inexpensive options for your tropical vacation. 1. … Read more

Decorating & Design

How to Make a Formal Bed Coronet

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Formal bed coronets look impressive yet are simply lined curtains suspended from a special shaped track fitted above the bed. An attractive coronet of fabric that sits high above the bed and sweeps down in graceful folds turns a plain bedroom into a romantic haven. The coronet can be as simple as an ordinary pair … Read more


The Traditions of a Spanish Wedding

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Spanish wedding traditions have long been a staple in Western European culture. Although they may have slightly changed over the years, some wedding traditions are still practiced today. If a person is attending a Spanish wedding, what are some traditions he or she should expect to see? Orange Blossoms Although more brides are using a … Read more