Community Colleges in Huntsville, Alabama

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There are several community colleges in Huntsville, Alabama that caters to the need of the community and surrounding areas. Huntsville colleges are all accredited, with flexible scheduling and wide variety of programs. Virginia College Virginia College was founded in 1983 by the Atlantis Group, Inc. They are a private institution that allows students to have … Read more

Bible College, Fulltime, Huntsville Alabama


Anasazi Pottery: Then and Now

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(Note: I have used the CE meaning Common Era and BCE, Before Common Era.) Anasazi pottery has been made from 700 CE to the present. The great civilization of the Anasazi haunts and intrigues people and the beautiful pottery is much sought after. Anasazi is a Navaho word meaning “Ancient Ones.” It also has a … Read more

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How to Make a Beaded Spiral Bracelet

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Women love jewelry; that’s never going to change. Some women can afford beautiful diamonds and gold whereas others browse the costume jewelry section at a nearby department store. Sure, many women choose costume jewelry because it’s much cheaper but even some costume jewelry pieces can be a little pricey. One example is a spiral wire … Read more