Having very fine straight hair can get boring sometimes, so on occasions I do enjoy curling it for a different look and style. However, curling fine hair can be tricky sometimes unless you know a few tricks, and tricks are what I know. Lucky for you I am willing to share my tricks with all … Read more

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Football 101: Nickel Defense

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With football season approaching us, it is important that you understand some of the more reiterated parts of the game. So today’s look into the strategy of the game within the game is a detailed analysis of the Nickel defense. The Nickel defense is a defense designed primarily to defend the pass. The term nickel … Read more



List of Collective Nouns

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Most people know a few collective nouns. They know that there are such things as a gaggle of geese and a school of fish. There are some odder ones that are still more commonly known among people such as a herd of buffalo, a class of students, and a fleet of ships. However, there are … Read more

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How to Commission an Artist’s Portrait

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There are many reasons to commission an artist’s portrait. It captures a personality in a different way than a photograph. A portrait can also provide a marker for a period in a person’s life; for instance, many parents commission portraits of their kids to capture that special time of childhood. In addition, a portrait is … Read more