Dieting is a word that most hate to hear. There is something that every person wishes they could change about their appearance, and usually weight is one of the most picked choice. A few years ago I had decided I was tired of being fat. I didn’t have the energy I would of like to, … Read more

10 Amazon River Dolphin Facts for Kids

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My daughter informed me yesterday that she wanted an Amazon river dolphin for her fourth birthday. As she explained, we could get a calf and keep it in the bath tub until it’s too big, then move it to our apartment’s swimming pool. A real Amazon river dolphin was out of the question for my … Read more

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Cord Blood Banking: Weighing the Pros and Cons

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If you are a parent, or are expecting, chances are you’ve probably heard about the controversial subject of cord blood banking. This is when you have some blood saved from your baby’s umbilical cord after birth. The reason for this is that if your child gets sick or needs a bone marrow transplant, you will … Read more


Liability Vs. Comprehensive Auto Insurance

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If you are involved in a car accident or your vehicle is damaged from a natural disaster, your insurance company will pay for some or all of the damages incurred. The extent of damages covered by your insurance policy will depend on the type of auto insurance coverage you have. Rates for liability insurance and … Read more